£3 billion Bus Revolution – Can SCP assist you?


Today the Prime minister launched £3billion bus revolution, alongside the 84 page bus strategy which he describes as a “bus strategy to see passengers across England benefiting from more frequent, reliable, easier to use and cheaper bus services.”

SCP have experience in planning for buses, designing bus priority measures and Bus Partnerships. The idea of bus revolution is good news, if supported by new and adequate long-term funding, it encourages people to use public transport where they can, frees up road space of those for whom public transport is not an option and contributes towards decarbonising transport.

Can SCP help you deliver towards the bus revolution? We can help design bus priority measures, help bus operators and Transport Authorities negotiate partnerships, perhaps acting as “honest broker”, and help you achieve results locally on the ground.

If you’d like to discuss your plans with SCP, please get in touch today.