£36 billon re-invested into Network North


The government recently published the ‘Network North: Transforming British Transport’ approach which promises to “deliver cheaper, faster and more reliable transport across the UK”. This approach is using the budget that would have been spent on extending the HS2 project beyond Birmingham.

The change in approach will boost the connectivity across the country with the largest amount of investment going towards the north. £19.8bn have been allocated to connect the major cities in the north. The outline spends for the north are;
• a new station in Bradfords
• a new tram for Leeds
• new major roads
• reopened train lines
• better connectivity between Manchester and Liverpool.

The Midlands have also got a substantial £9.6bn promise which will look to build a new Midlands Rail Hub that will connect 50 stations, provide major road upgrades, and reopened train lines with new stations.

As for the rest of the country, £6.5bn will be utilised to retain the £2 bus fare until the end of December 2024, boost road schemes, upgrade Ely Junction, fund major rail improvements across the South West and billions will be used to fix potholes in our roads.

If you have a project that you think might be unlocked or impacted by one of these schemes, or you are the promoter of one, please get in touch as we’d be happy to help with our skilled Transport Planning and Infrastructure Engineering teams.