Another Lidl Success – New Store Development at Bromley Cross


Another success story for Lidl – the Bromley Cross development including a new Lidl supermarket, a 92 space park and ride facility, retirement apartments and football pitches for Bromley Cross FC received planning permission on the 7th January. This is a fantastic result to start the New Year. Lidl first submitted their planning application in December 2019.

SCP’s transport planning team supported Lidl’s application through the assessment of the impact of the development’s traffic on the local highway network and the promotion of measures to enhance the site’s accessibility credentials and its sustainability in transportation terms. SCP negotiated throughout with officers at Bolton Council to ensure a positive highways consultation recommendation.

SCP’s infrastructure design team also played a key role in the successful planning application by developing the flood risk assessment and by preparing the section 278 detailed design package for the site access and off-site highway works in advance of planning. This work was undertaken at risk to Lidl, but it now ensures that they can hit the ground running through the discharge of conditions and the entering into the legal agreement with Bolton Council to accelerate the highway works and ensure that store opening is not delayed.

If you have any questions about the work we have undertaken on the Bromley Cross Development and require similar assistance on projects you are involved with, please do get in touch today.