Conjoined Planning Inquiry at Wrea Green, Fylde


SCP have recently been involved in an unusual conjoined planning inquiry across four residential sites in Wrea Green.

This project involved different SCP team members representing two separate appellants, whilst also acting jointly for all four appellants in relation to the cumulative off-site traffic impacts. The three weeks long inquiry was the result of four planning applications, by different landowners and developers, which the Borough Council either failed to determine or refused permission for.

The four applications were all the subject of appeals which became joined into a single inquiry.  At the inquiry, each site was addressed separately in relation to site specific matters, and evidence was put forward on matters such as Transport, Planning and Landscape.

The cumulative traffic impact of the four appeal sites was also addressed with Transport evidence by SCP, relating specifically to the suitability of the highway network in Wrea Green, and a remote junction in Warton, to accommodate the combined impacts of the developments.

In relation to highway matters, an agreed position was arrived at with the Highway Authority in relation to the cumulative impacts prior to the Inquiry.  A traffic calming scheme in Wrea Green and a small capacity improvement scheme in Warton was agreed with the Highway Authority in order to accommodate the traffic impacts.

The outcome is eagerly anticipated by all parties involved, with any combination of approvals and dismissals being possible from the Planning Inspectorate.

The team at SCP have the experience and knowledge to deal with complex planning inquiries and appeals, to find out more contact David Roberts on 0161 832 4400.