David Roberts in Kings Chambers Planning Podcast


SCP’s David Roberts features in the latest Kings Chambers Planning Podcast (Episode 14 – The Quiet Revolution?) discussing amongst other subjects the recent Department for Transport policy document on active travel – Gear Change – published on 27 July.

David and the panel discuss the document and whether this is the start of a new revolution in achieving and promoting more active travel across the UK and what is needed in terms of law changes and planning policy and how the changes can be accommodated in practice, with the constraints that we have to work within.

As David has worked on a number of projects in Wales, where their active travel policy is 4 years old, he discussed that the change will take time as we, as humans, are stuck in our ways, and our expectations of highway infrastructure and development layouts will need to change. We can future proof our developments to some degree, but will the highway infrastructure that we are connecting into match the standards. The Government has initially pledged £2bn in funding to support their ambitions to make us all more active and fight both the health and sustainable travel agendas, but will this achieve the scale of change envisaged?

You can listen to the podcast in full on the on the King Chambers Website Here, on Apple Podcasts Here or on Spotify Here.

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