Extension to existing store in the North West


One of our key client’s has recently secured planning permission to extend an existing store in the North West. However one of the key issues during planning process was the potential impact of an existing sewer asset. In order to build the extension the Client needed to secure a build over permission. The proposed extension would create a significant store footprint increase whilst also opening up wider capacity, functionality and output improvements all the while utilising land within existing ownership instead of buying a new plot.

This would involve developing a mitigation measure to protect the sewer and could require significant exploratory works to confirm the extents of protection or even diversion – the extents of which had a key impact on the viability of the development.

Using our water sector experience and drainage expertise, we were able remove this risk and save the Client significant time and money. Working with the Statutory Undertaker, analysing their current and historic information, our desktop and physical studies were able to resolve the issue and secure the necessary consultee agreement for the proposed build. Our ensuing redesign of the site’s wider existing drainage has helped unlock previously unusable land, increase developable area and ultimately increase it’s asset value.

This subsequently enabled our Client to secure their desired planning application with minimal cost and time impact on their schedule. Without SCP’s input the scheme would still likely be in the planning stage agreeing potential mitigation approvals; saving potentially 4 to 6 months of schedule it is instead now full steam ahead for Tender / Construction. Once we complete our Drainage Design of course!

Whilst Drainage Design and Flood Risk represent a core part of our infrastructure skill set, a key aspect of our team is the diversity in expertise – this allows us to solve problems for our clients through pragmatic ingenuity and coordination.

If you need any assistance with regards to planning permissions involving Drainage or Highways please do Get in Touch.