Goldington Road, Bedford


Project Details

Services Provided:

  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Highway/Drainage Design

Start date:

April 2017

Completion date:



Lidl GmbH

Project type:


Scheme Summary:

Lidl UK GmbH approached SCP to assist them with the planning, flood risk assessment, condition discharge, and design of the internal and adopted highway drainage for a new Lidl store which was to be constructed on Flood Zone 2 land to the south of Goldington Rd, Bedford.

The site was previously the location of a compensatory flood storage scheme for the adjacent IDB watercourse and the design needed to ensure that this storage was retained within the design of the scheme. SCP are also delivering the S278 design for this scheme and the internal design for levels, cut and fill and service connections.

SCP’s Role:

SCP are the lead designer for the scheme and were involved in the original flood risk assessment. We met with the IDB, LLFA and the EA to secure agreement to retain the flood storage within the scheme, which is proposed to be provided using a large concrete tank with a box culvert side weir from the adjacent watercourse. The site is designed at a high level to ensure that the store and its entrance does not flood during 1 in 100 + CC conditions.

SCP were involved with the early stage costing of the scheme and advised the client of their duties under CDM and the risks to the development of the site, which included poor ground materials, overhead power lines, access from the adjacent dual carriageway, existing ground levels and other services.

The S278 works are in progress and are due to be completed by September 2019.


SCP have received excellent feedback from Lidl for their role on this scheme and are being retained through construction delivery.