Groundforce Training for Designer


SCP are committed to not only training our staff on design, but also to understand the process of construction and the health and safety requirements associated. This commitment develops our staff and aids them to be rounded Civil Engineers.

Last week Charlie Wortley attended a 2 day course for EUSR Safe Work in Excavation Category 5 – Install, Inspect & Remove Proprietary Shoring Systems.

The course was diverse with part classroom based training on current legislation, policies and procedures associated with safety in excavations and the different types of temporary works available for the support of excavations. Additionally the course touched on risk assessments unique to excavation works and identifying the different types of soil and soil conditions. The second part of the course was practical, and involved physically going out and installing, removing and inspecting different temporary works systems.

Charlie commented “The course has given me an understanding of the legal requirements of undertaking an excavation, an appreciation for defining an excavation as safe or unsafe and determining what is a confined space. The course also elaborated on the various mechanisms and temporary works designs which can make an excavation safe to enter and the safest and quickest methods of installation. This covered classic timber and steel shoring installation, and also the more innovative hydraulic frame, strut units and trench boxes which I currently am able to see in use on site at Thoresby Colliery. The overall experience was very educational, and I have already benefitted and been able to utilise the knowledge gained on site over the past week in my site support role.”