Harworth Colliery


Project Details

Services Provided:

  • Site Master-planning
  • Transport Assessment
  • Junction Modelling
  • Travel Plan

Start date:

June 2016

Completion date:



Harworth Group

Project type:


Scheme Summary:

Harworth Group have applied to secure planning permission to construct c.1300 residential dwellings, a 210 pupil primary school, and a 10,000ft² pub / restaurant on the former Colliery and coling walk land south of Scrooby Road in Harworth.

SCP’s Role:

SCP provided highway and transport master-planning advice to identify the level of development which could be built out and accommodated on the existing highway network without the need for significant costly improvement to the critical junctions located on the highway network, this was critical to achieve a financially affordable and attractive development.

SCP undertook development scenario traffic modelling on different site composition options and tested several key off-site junctions and a series of build-out scenarios were tested to understand the level of development the junctions could comfortably accept before queuing and delaying occurred and junction improvements would be needed.

SCP have also contributed to the master-planning of the internal layout and exploring how to maximise the sites relationship to the adjacent community with particular regard to access, the internal road layout and connectivity.

Having agreed a preferred scheme, SCP prepared the Transport Assessment for the planning application, including undertakeing scoping discussions with Nottinghamshire County Council’s Highways Officer . The report estimated the traffic likely to be generated by the development, the traffic distribution across the local highway network and assessed the cumulative impact of the development and the areas committed developments, on the highway. It was prepared in line with local and national guidance.

SCP also prepared a site wide Framework Travel Plan which looked to implement measures which promote and encourage sustainable travel in order to reduce the impact of the traffic generated by the site on the local road network and importantly the environment.


The early stage advice focusing on junction capacity and guided the quantum of development. SCP proposed risk mitigation to Harworth Group, before detailed master-planning was undertaken. This assessment and subsequent note helped guide the size of the development, significantly reducing the cost to plan the development.

SCP demonstrated that the highway network was capable of supporting the site development, we then provided more detailed master planning input.

SCP then prepared the Transport Assessment which supported the planning application reducing the scale and cost of off-site works from (others’) earlier work. SCP also helped negotiate down contributions to bus services and other S106 costs.

The framework Travel Plan was also prepared. This influenced Travel Plans for each phase, where SCP also provided Travel Plan support to Jones Homes and Kier Living who bought the first two plots.