Hazelbadge Road Poynton finally granted Planning Consent


Planning consent has finally been granted for a residential scheme at land off Hazelbadge Road in Poynton. SCP’s Transport Planning Team in Manchester first became involved in the project after a call for sites in 2013. SCP assisted Persimmon Homes by providing representations for the site to be allocated for residential development. The site was scrutinised by a planning inspector at an examination in public of the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy which sat in 2013 and again in 2016. The site was finally allocated in 2017 for up to 150 dwellings. As part of the site allocation a range of improvements along Hazelbadge Road and with its junction with Chester Road were proposed and agreed with Cheshire East Highways. These were carried forward when a planning application was submitted in January 2018. Further work was carried out to assess the impact of the SEMMMS link Road and the proposed Poynton Relief Road on the operation of the junction with Chester Road. It was found that the original improvements proposed would satisfactorily mitigate the impact of the development, taking into account both the SEMMMS and Poynton Relief Road.

The agreed highway improvements along Hazelbadge Road and within the site include:

  • TRO’s to restrict parking at all times/certain times of the day to protect visibility splays and ensure emergency access at all times (none exist at the moment)
  • Introduction of a 20mph zone past the school
  • Formalised drop-off /collection parking bays for the school (no.12) to prevent all day parking
  • Improved visibility splays at the junction of Hazelbadge Road/Chester Road
  • Improved capacity at the junction of Hazelbadge Road/Chester Road through road widening
  • Dropped kerbs and tactile paving across side roads
  • A turnaround facility for cars to facilitate safe turning for parents dropping off/picking up at the school
  • A separate turnaround facility within the site for buses/coaches
  • Keep clear markings across the bellmouth of Hazelbadge Road

It was also agreed that significant funding would be provided towards the Poynton Relief Road, the creation of a new bus stop and the repainting of existing cycle lanes.

The proposals reduced down to 91 houses and 42 apartments following on from redesigns as a result of ecology issues and easement requirements. Due to local concerns from Councillors, local residents and the neighbouring Primary School, a further 14 additional parking spaces for staff at the school were secured within the site and the application was finally approved at strategic committee on the third attempt.

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