Hempshaw Lane, Stockport


Project Details

Services Provided:

  • Principal Designer
  • S278 and drainage

Start date:

April 2016

Completion date:

October 2017


Lidl GmbH

Project type:


Scheme Summary:

Lidl UK GmbH approached SCP to assist them with the planning, condition discharge, culvert diversion, stats diversions, detailed design, health and safety and construction management for their new ghost island right turn junction from the busy Hempshaw Lane, south of St Mary’s Way in Stockport.

An existing culvert was diverted as a part of the scheme with flood alleviation and capacity improvements incorporated into the new store and car park. SCP negotiated with the LLFA and modelled the full catchment of the watercourse, and completed design for the culvert.

SCP’s Role:

SCP were the lead and principal designer in the delivery of the scheme, for which they designed all the Civil Engineering, Drainage, Highways, Utilities, Signing, Lining information, and managed their sub-consultants for delivery of the Street Lighting and Service Diversion works and their internal contractor for the culvert diversion and drainage construction.

During the planning process, SCP undertook a 1D and detailed conduit assessment of the existing upstream and downstream drainage networks to assess the required capacity of the new culvert diversion. SCP also completed all drainage design for the site, combining the need for flood alleviation with the need for attenuation for the scheme into the culvert.


The scheme was delivered on time and on budget, leaving the client satisfied. The drainage and highway elements of the scheme were completed between March 2017 and October 2017.