Learning, Business Development and Team Building at Argrennan House


Last week the SCP Infrastructure Design team spent three days at the RSK Argrennan House in Scotland to deliver a range of technical training, business goals, and team building.

The beautiful Argrennan House is an RSK owned facility available for all RSK businesses with 40 acres of gardens near Dumfries in southwest Scotland. SCP infrastructure design team took the time away from their normal work commitments and with minimal distraction were able to focus on moving the growing infrastructure business forward.

The three offices, Leeds, Manchester and Chelmsford attended bringing together nearly 30 staff, including experienced team members, new starters and apprentices.

During the three days, the six infrastructure Knowledge Groups, presented new processes, documents, techniques and awareness training across a range of areas the businesses had agreed and selected for development focus. This training is the continued capability and competence improvements that the business is committed to long term, working towards its five-year plan and beyond.

The team worked together and also in small groups completing activities and were encouraged to be open and contribute new ideas and provide honest feedback. The engagement and honesty are a great example of the behaviour of the SCP Infrastructure team. The feedback on our values was a great time to reflect on the behaviours of the team and what and challenges we face working towards becoming one of the best civil consultancies in the UK.

The event was a success and great fun, with everyone providing ideas and feedback on how we improve our culture to deliver a better service to clients and create an improved environment for working.

The senior leadership team will now collate feedback and improvement actions to feed into the delivery of the 5-year business plan to double the size of the business.