London Congestion – The Slowest City to Drive In In The World


According to a recent study by TomTom, published by the BBC, London is the slowest city to drive in worldwide. It took drivers an average of 36 minutes and 20 seconds to drive just 10km in the UK’s capital. This is just over 7 minutes longer than the next slowest City, Bengaluru in India.

Whilst some of this can be attributed to more people choosing to drive instead of using more sustainable modes of transport following the pandemic, and this being further exacerbated by recent strikes, the report also indicates that this is a conscious choice. Quotes from TFL note that even in uncongested conditions London would still be slow to drive across, pointing to the ever-increasing sustainable transport options and a desire to further make sustainable modes the go-to choice for all users. This is no great surprise, with London’s Low Traffic Neighbourhoods making national news in recent months and the current international furore around 15-minute cities.

Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh also found themselves in the top 50 cities ranked for the slowest cities to drive in, although there is no indication as to whether this is for the same reasons.

SCP are active in each of the cities named and are here to help our clients and collaborators from a multitude of angles around improving transport conditions. Below are some of the ways SCP can assist you;

• Our Sustainable Transport Team led by Stacey Silverman can support staff, students, and residents to get from a-b more easily, and sustainably and avoid traffic congestion.
• Bob Pinkett leads our Public Transport Team, if you need help improving the public transport offer in relation to a development scheme or within your local authority area.
• If you need to make improvements to highways infrastructure, whether to improve traffic flow, increase priority for sustainable modes, or both our Infrastructure Design Team led by Steve Carmody can assist you.

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