New Lidl Store Open in Mottingham


Last week, Lidl opened a brand-new discount food store on Mottingham Road, Mottingham in the London Borough of Bromley.

The store has taken almost ten years to come to fruition due to the strength of local feeling over the loss of a local pub, mature trees and highway safety. Lidl’s first appeal was dismissed on highways grounds alone. Although sufficient visibility out of the site could be provided for the prevailing 85th percentile speed of traffic as it slowed on the approach to a nearby junction, the inspector concluded that visibility should be commensurate with the legal speed limit.

In readiness for a second application, the site access was pushed northwards and the carriageway was realigned to accommodate the necessary visibility splays. This reduced the width of the footway on the opposite side of the road and the application went to committee in 2020, at the start of the pandemic, just as government advice was released advising local authorities to maximise pedestrian circulation space. The application was recommended for approval by officers but refused again by members.

The inspector reviewing the second appeal was persuaded by SCP’s comprehensive highways evidence and allowed the appeal. SCP’s infrastructure design team delivered the site access and off-site highway improvement works through a section 278 agreement between Lidl GB and LB Bromley

If you are encountering similar issues in terms of overcoming visibility and highway safety issues and are in need of advice, please do get in touch with our director Jim Budd. If you need assistance through the s278 detailed design process, please contact our regional director, Tim Wright.

Jim Budd, Director,

Tim Wright, Regional Director,