Oakley Grove All Through School, Leamington Spa


The new All Through School, Oakley Grove has been approved. Due to demand from the recent residential developments within Leamington Spa, Warwickshire County Council is investing £56m in the school which will accommodate over 1,000 additional school places.

Oakley Grove will provide education for children aged three to sixteen from September 2024 and will be one of the largest schools in the county.

SCP has been commissioned to produce the S278 access road and junction improvement works for the site. Our design team were able to mitigate £500K worth of utility diversions through an innovative redesign of the conceptual plan and liaison with authorities. This resulted in only the unavoidable diversions taking place.

The Technical Approval process for the detailed design of permanent works is ongoing and due to be concluded in the New Year. However, the temporary access was granted technical approval and the contractors are currently on site now constructing the temporary access road.

Due to the volume of stakeholder engagement on this development, there has been pressure surrounding the method of working including lane and road closures impacting the highway network.

SCP has helped to produce a new method to mitigate and limit road closures throughout the day, this will support the existing transport network.

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