Residential Real Estate Awards – SCPs eco-friendly approach


Last night was The Yorkshires. Residential Real Estate Awards 2022 hosted by Yorkshire Children’s Charity. Professionals from the residential sector across Yorkshire gathered to celebrate some fantastic residential projects and raise money which will be used to transform the childhoods of disadvantaged children within Yorkshire.

SCP has worked with the events team for many years and this year were the co-sponsors at the event, sponsoring the brochures. Traditionally, SCP has given out various forms of branded stationery at these events, such as pens and notebooks, but this year, it has decided to take a more environmental approach to avoid wastage and connect to nature.

This year our chosen merchandise was Wildflower seed packets, allowing individuals to look after their local area and plant the seeds in their gardens, perfect for butterflies, bees and other insects.

At SCP, we not only look to reduce our impact on the environment, but we work with our clients to help them reduce the impact of their developments too through great highway design and planning for sustainable travel modes.

If you need highway design or planning support on your scheme, get in touch.