SCP Committed to Training and Developing our Team


Here at SCP, we’re committed to growth and training, ensuring that individual employees have the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise which in turn benefits our clients through the work we deliver. Last year alone, a total of £23,544 has been invested into training.

We take pride in supporting our people on a personal and professional basis, investing in training both technical and broader, whether Transport Planning Masters, Highway Design degrees, or VISSIM modelling courses.

Rachel, our administrator in Leeds, has a passion for creativity and naturally has taken on the marketing of the company. As part of her progression here at SCP, Rachel recently undertook a Level 4 diploma Copywriting Course, improving her skills within her role and opening future opportunities in her career.

Rachel said, “I’m thankful for SCP’s support throughout the course, it was worth the extra time and effort to achieve this diploma and I hope to use the skills I’ve learned for the benefit of SCP.”

We’re proud to say Rachel graduated with a Distinction back in April and is currently working with third-party web designers to build our new website (watch this space).

If you are interested in progressing your career and opening up opportunities by potentially joining the SCP team please do get in touch with us today.