SCP Expand In-house Micro-simulation Modelling Expertise


At SCP, our first use of PTV’s VISSIM micro-simulation traffic modelling tool in the UK was the modelling the flow of pedestrian traffic through the station concourse of the proposed Jubilee Line station concourse at Canary Wharf in the early 2000s.

Since then we have made use of VISSIM’s powerful modelling and visual display capabilities on everything from residential developments to container terminals. It is a tried and tested modelling tool accepted by local highway authorities across the UK, with the added benefit of being accessible to the lay-person as well as the transportation-planning professional.

We typically make most use of VISSIM at the pre-planning stage of development. It can form part of our technical submission to inform highways development management officers of the effect of proposed development either alongside or independent of the more traditional forms of modelling. It can also play an important part in communicating the proposals via presentations at public consultation events or at planning committees and appeals in order to overcome concerns over alternative junction forms or additional traffic on the network, for example.

Post-planning, it can play an important role in option testing and value engineering a developer’s highway proposals. A few examples of the range of projects where we have made extensive use of VISSIM are provided below.

We have expanded our micro-simulation modelling capabilities through collaboration with PTV in the ongoing training and development of eight members of our traffic-modelling team. This ensures that we are up-to-date with the latest micro-simulation techniques and are ready to advise existing and future clients in the benefits that VISSIM can offer in terms of speeding up the development-planning process and reducing exposure to capital costs for highway works.

If you can see the merits in using VISSIM on your project or would like to know more about what we can offer in terms of micro-simulation modelling, please get in touch today.

Sample screenshots below:-