SCP Help Midlands Local Community Football Club


One of the SCP Director played junior football at Atherstone Rangers JFC and to give back to the town he came from, SCP recently delivered a small bridge design to assist this community junior football club.

The football club was looking to upgrade its playing facilities but was struggling to gain access to the pitches with the equipment they required due to a watercourse running between the club and the pitches.

SCP visited the site and surveyed the site, they subsequently designed a structure to span the watercourse to gain access for a tractor. This was approved after checking by the local authority and the required approvals signed off.

SCP additionally provided Principal Designer and Health and Safety Advice on the scheme to make sure the installation was undertaken in a safe manner.

We hope this allows the junior teams to get better training and playing facilities and wish the club all the best.

If you would like to learn more about this project or have a similar project of your own, do get in touch with Steve Carmody by Email: or Telephone: 0161 8324400