SCP revisit their Company Travel Plan


Here at SCP, we consider ourselves as experts when it comes to travel plans; we have been developing them for our clients alongside transport statements and transport assessments for years as part of our core transport planning offer and have already written over 50 travel plans so far this year including revisiting our own.

A Travel Plan is a strategic document which sets targets for and encourages use of sustainable transport modes for new and existing sites. The document is usually prepared to support a planning application or to discharge a condition however, as a transportation planning consultancy, we believe it is only right to practice what we preach and implement our own.

Our latest Travel Plan encourages staff to continue travelling on foot, by bike, public transport and car sharing, and aims to influence those who do travel by car to consider changing to sustainable modes. In 2017 we relocated our Leeds office into a highly accessible city centre location and continue to bring in new measures through the Travel Plan such as a cycle to work scheme to enable sustainable travel. We’ve set ourselves challenging modal split targets to achieve by 2022 for each of our offices and we carry out annual surveys to ensure that our Travel Plan continues to develop and meet the needs of our staff on an ongoing basis. Consequently, we hope to further reduce our carbon footprint and improve the well-being of our staff.

If you think SCP can help your workplace or development with a travel plan or other planning documents, please contact Dave Young on 0113 887 3323 or Stacey Silverman on 0161 832 4400, or send us your details and we’ll be in touch.