SCP support primary school Careers day


Staff from SCP took part in the successful Careers day at Outwood Primary Academy Greystone in Ripon. The day involved volunteers telling pupils about a wide range of careers helping children discover what the future could hold for them.

SCP’s Lucy Crann visited the Academy to deliver an informative presentation which opened the children’s eyes to the world of civil engineering and transport planning. The response from the children, aged between 7 and 11 years old was extremely positive with genuine interest of what was required to enter the industry and the job experience.

Following the presentation, SCP hosted a stand at the schools Careers fair where the children and their parents/guardians could find out more about what we do on a daily basis and the subjects they need to study.

Lucy commented that; “The day was extremely enjoyable and the enthusiasm from the children was amazing. Their questions (and there were many!) illustrated how the awareness of the construction industry is really improving and it was lovely to see that the girls were just as interested as the boys.”