SCP’s Successful Drainage Upskilling Programme: Empowering the Next Generation of Infrastructure Designers


Recognising the significance of internal upskilling, SCP has launched a highly successful upskilling programme to mentor and nurture junior staff within its infrastructure design team. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise available within the organisation, SCP has been able to equip its team members with the necessary skills to excel. One of the many skills we’re looking to upskill in is drainage design.

One shining example of the programme’s success is the journey of Mohamed Gheit, who embarked on his on-the-job drainage training with SCP in late 2022. Under the close guidance and mentorship of Will James, a seasoned professional in drainage design, Mohamed has been able to rapidly develop his drainage expertise to offer clients cost-saving solutions.

The upskilling programme is built on the principle of learning by doing. SCP believes in hands-on experience, enabling staff to immerse themselves in real-world projects and learn from experienced mentors. By working alongside Will James, Mohamed has had the opportunity to apply his knowledge to practical scenarios, gaining valuable insights and learning from real-life challenges within a range of sectors such as residential and retail and at varying sizes of development, from small flood risk assessments up to a large multi-use development circa 80 hectares.

The programme offers a structured approach to upskilling, ensuring that the trainees receive comprehensive training in all aspects of drainage design. Mohamed has learnt how to create drainage packages from scratch, use MicroDrainage Software, and design Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions (SuDS), which allows us to contribute positively to water quality, amenities and biodiversity. SCP recognises that a well-rounded skill set is crucial for success in the ever-changing landscape of infrastructure design.

SCP’s vast drainage capabilities are intended to support clients from pre-planning through to implementing the designs. Our focus is towards sustainable drainage and water quality improvement solutions that assist developers to deliver schemes that are sustainable, both financially and environmentally, and are in line with the Flood and Water Management Act.

The success of SCP’s internal training is down to the commitment to investing in our employees’ growth and development. By recognising the potential within its team and providing the necessary resources, SCP fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement. This commitment creates an environment where individuals like Mohamed Gheit can thrive and reach their full potential.

Drainage design is an ever-changing field of work as policies will be updated and changed over time, SCP’s focus on upskilling is not just for junior staff but it’s across the board to ensure the work we produce is up to date with current policies and sustainable for our client’s needs.

As SCP continues to champion the importance of training and development, its drainage upskilling programme stands as a shining example of its commitment to nurturing talent and empowering its workforce. By investing in its employees’ growth, SCP not only ensures the success of its projects but also creates a pool of skilled professionals who will shape the future of infrastructure design.

If you’d like to know more about SCP’s drainage design services or our upskilling programme please do get in touch.