SCP’s Transport Planning Day   


SCP Transport Planning are ever-growing as a team and as a company that’s why we got the team all in one place to learn more about the plan for the next 5 years and learn more about each other.

Earlier this week the transport planning team gathered in the Manchester office where we held a presentation which highlighted the 4 pillars detailed in the latest Business Plan, these 4 pillars encompass Culture, Efficiency, Quality and Growth.

These pillars are areas where, as a team, we wish to develop and capture the core of everything we do, ensuring both clients and employees will experience the best the company has to offer.

Due to being a multi-location company, we recognise that not all staff have had the opportunity to meet one another and learn about their colleagues’ skills and experience. We facilitated a ‘speedy dating’ group rotation where everyone got to meet one another, before we shared unknown facts about each other, with some very entertaining and surprising results.

This social training day was the perfect opportunity to understand the skill sets we have as a whole and appreciate one another’s personal and professional priorities.

Thank you to the team for engaging in the event and encouraging each other, morale within the team was excellent and we look forward to the next team social event.