Microsimulation Modelling


Testing the highway network using a computer model.

While today’s traffic congestion levels can be assessed using traditional methods, often the results of assessments can be much more easily conveyed using the visual display qualities of micro-simulation. This is especially helpful when junctions are close to others and traffic from one junction interacts with another.


Typically SCP uses VISSIM, we have used this on a large number of projects, assessing often complex situations such as:

  • Motorway intersections;
  • Urban highway networks incorporating light-rail systems;
  • Public transport interchanges; and
  • Individual junctions with site-specific complications.

Our use of VISSIM (and other models for example LinSig and Saturn) has also included more unique environments such as container terminals, assessing the impact of automatic vehicle control and identification systems on vehicle throughput and queuing levels.  We also pioneered the use of VISSIM in pedestrian environments by using it in combination with the Pedroute software program to provide instantaneous population projections for the ticket halls at the Canary Wharf Jubilee Line station.

The benefits of micro-simulation modelling are clear:

  • Traffic flows, vehicle conflicts and queuing visualised in context;
  • Networks and complex situations that can’t be tested using traditional methods can be assessed;
  • Sensitivity and scenario testing is simple to undertake; and
  • Results are easily displayed at public consultation events, committee meetings or public inquiries.

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