Transport Assessment & Transport Statements


A detailed report evaluating prospective transport impacts

Transport impacts are a key consideration when promoting a new development or site redevelopment. SCP will be able to assess your plans and advise which reports will be necessary and other key design factors which need to be considered in your layout plans, to give you the best opportunity to secure planning consent. For example a Transport Statement or Transport Assessment, but we can also advise on car/cycle parking, access design and road safety considerations.


Transport Statement

A Transport Statement is a report which many councils require to support a planning application. It assesses whether a site can be accessed by different modes of transport and reviews the impact of a development on the surrounding transport network.

Within the Transport Statement, SCP will consider how people and goods will get to/from the site on foot, by bike, using public transport as well as by car/HGV’s, and look at the road safety record, calculate the likely parking and traffic generation and how this will split by each mode, and assess whether the provision is adequate and aligns with policy, we will recommend improvements where necessary and advise where we think they are not needed too.

Transport Assessment

A Transport Assessment is required to support a planning application for larger developments when a Transport Statement is not sufficient. It is a report which demonstrates that a site can be accessed by different modes of transport and reviews the impact of a development on the surrounding highway network.

SCP also produce Transport Assessments which whilst similar to a Transport Statement, but as they look at larger developments, they also assess the accessibility of a site it also considers the design and operation of the site access and the impact of generated traffic on the local highway network and junctions.

Where capacity is exceeded a Transport Assessment may recommend junction alterations and show how these changes enable the extra traffic to be safely accommodated. SCP regularly prepare Transport Assessments for both public and private sector clients.

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