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A Travel Plan is a document that sets targets for and encourages sustainable transport modes for new and existing developments.

A Travel Plan can be used to accompany a planning application.

SCP frequently prepare Travel Plans which are strategy documents used to baseline how people get to and from a development site. Its role is to positively influence peoples travel patterns encouraging them onto more active and sustainable modes of travel, most typically walking, cycling and public transport, but can also cover encouraging car sharing, use of low polluting cars and home working.

The aim is to actively take steps to reduce congestion, improve wellbeing and minimise the impact on air quality. Travel Plans are “active” in that they need monitoring and if not achieving targets steps are usually required to be taken to overcome barriers to achieving the Travel Plan’s targets. As well as the full Travel Plan, there are numerous variations of Travel Plan each used in specific circumstances, SCP can advise which type of Travel Plan you require but a brief explanation is given below:


Framework Travel Plan

These are prepared where there is more than one end-user for the development such as a mixed-use development with retail, leisure and restaurant uses. The Framework Travel plan provides the context within which individual Travel Plans for each part of the larger development is prepared and actively managed.

Interim Travel Plan

This type of Travel Plan is usually prepared to accompany a planning application where the end-user is unknown. A full Travel Plan will need to be prepared and is usually a condition of planning permission. The Interim Travel Plan provides the starting point for the full Travel Plan which would be prepared once the end-user is known and baseline surveys of the site users can be undertaken, allowing accurate targets to be set.

Once a Travel Plan is active they are managed by a Travel Plan Coordinator who oversees the performance of the Travel Plan, proposes corrective action where targets are off track, fulfils the reporting obligations to the Planning Authority and leads any negotiations.

SCP have considerable experience in preparing Travel Plans and acting as Travel Plan Coordinators to many sites and clients.

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