Sustainable STEM Activity at the National Railway Museum


Mohamed Gheit, a STEM Ambassador, was volunteering at the National Railway Museum in York last Friday. Given our ongoing transport planning and highway support at the Nation Railway Museum, we’re pleased to be able to give back to the community by supporting their STEM activities.

The Museum was running a series of activities over half term (13-17 February) designed to engage young people. The activities involved the Lego challenge where young visitors could choose from different challenge cards and were given 3 minutes to build a sustainable solution using LEGO.

These challenge cards included:

  • Build a vehicle powered by the weather
  • Invent something new that uses rubbish
  • Make a vehicle that carries lots of people
  • Make an eco-friendly robot and Swap creations with someone else on the table

As a STEM Ambassador, Mohamed was overseeing the activities and prompted visitors to build creatively, exploring solutions to the challenges, and helping visitors find real-world connections between their creations and engineering. The overall goal of the session is to allow visitors to make the connection between play and the work of engineers.

Mohamed commented “It was a successful activity elhamduallah, and it was a great experience for me to communicate and engage with 5-10-year-olds. I enjoyed the activities too and it was interesting to see what the kids will come up with. I was happy to see the kids and their parents engaging together in an activity.”

SCP believe in inspiring the next generation of engineers and encourages our staff to become STEM ambassadors as this goes towards their professional qualification, in Mohamed’s case, towards his IEng, this offers our staff the opportunity to lead in giving their time and enthusiasm to work with young people in schools and the community.