The Construction Playbook


In December the government released The Construction Playbook in preparation for 2021. The document is a blue print to help us and others in the construction industry focus on how to improve how we deliver work within the sector.

As always this blue print will only work if we engage and work within its principles and this requires both the Public sector and suppliers to adapt.

As outlined in the document, the shift away from the primary financial model of selecting the lowest price is a positive move and is great for our industry. There are many more factors in our industry that achieve better outcomes, price seems to be the most common downfall.

Out of the 14 principles covered in The Construction Playbook, the key messages that stand out to us are;

• Pipeline management and information, this is important for everyone to know what is upcoming and how to engage.

• Outcome based approaches, achieving shared goals is very important, as this gives satisfaction to all.

• Effective contracting, making sure contracting is completed on an equable basis, as long as this doesn’t lead to reduction of the use of SMEs, where SME’s are priced out of the market.

• Successful relationships, creating a good and balanced relationship, which works on trust and openness.

We do hope the implementation of this playbook helps improve the construction industry.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss The Construction Playbook or SCP’s services please do get in touch today.