The story behind the independent Transport and Highway Consultancy SCP


Clients often wonder where SCP came from and how we’ve come to be one of CIHT’s top 20 Transport and Highways Consultants.

SCP started out in 1991 as a small team of staff working predominantly from the main office in London with a smaller 2 man team in Manchester (including our now Director David Roberts). Singleton Clamp & Partners was the original name for SCP, as the company was formed by Bob Singleton, Brian Clamp & Peter Tomsett.

Over the decades the original founders of Singleton Clamp & Partners retired and the Board of Directors has grown to reflect the Company’s experience and projected future growth. Singleton Clamp & Partners, after 20 years, was rebranded to SCP and shortly afterwards new offices were opened in both Leeds and London, to enhance our services and to spread our growing services more widely within the UK.

Today, almost 30 years on SCP has 40 staff across the 3 offices, with expertise ranging from new-to-industry apprentices to qualified experienced staff all working to build SCP’s skill sets to offer our clients high quality technical support for a range of services in Infrastructure Design & Transport Planning.

If you need any Transport Planning or Infrastructure Design support in your project contact us for a free quote.