The Welsh Government Roads Review


The Welsh Government Roads Review took a major step forward yesterday with the release of several documents from the Roads Review Panel and the Welsh Government’s Response.

Within the Roads Review Report, the Welsh Government have made 51 recommendations on the future of transport, leaning towards more sustainable modes of transport.

The primary objective of the report was to review all proposed Welsh Government road projects. Of the 48 Government road schemes it recommends that 17 are consistent with the recommendations and 31 schemes should be scrapped. It seems that the Welsh Government is accepting the recommendations.

SCP is instructed to support development on sites previously dependent, or affected, by the Welsh Government Roads Program and a new approach is needed to retain alignment with the new policy announcements.  The Government is seeking 5-10 exemplar sites across Wales where the importance of the car is reduced, and significant modal shift is achieved to more sustainable travel modes, and where non-travel is supported.  A Government aim is to reduce car mileage per person by 10% by 2030.  SCP is assisting developers towards this new policy compliance.

Essentially, the Roads Review report states that no highway improvements should be undertaken to provide more capacity for cars. But how will the Welsh Government and Councils deal with these kinds of applications for large residential schemes without creating more capacity for cars?

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