UK’s Net Zero Awareness Week


“UK’s Net Zero Awareness Week” it’s good to read government plans to decarbonise travel across the UK. Overall land-based travel is the biggest polluter as shown in the DfT’s publication last week.

The Government’s strategy includes promoting walking and cycling; accelerating the move away from fossil fuels. But electrification and expecting everyone to walk and cycle is not the answer. Reducing congestion is important, so the strategy proposes a shift to public transport as well as walking, cycling, and scooters. It proposes electrifying cars, buses, coaches, and trains. There are plans to increase car occupancy too.

This could be a great opportunity for the UK to lead innovation in vehicle design, the promise is better air quality and reducing road noise, is better for our health and well-being. The immediate challenge is to step free of Covid-19 without being driven away from communal travel.

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