Yew Tree Farm, Burscough


Project Details

Services Provided:

  • Flood Alleviation
  • Drainage Modelling
  • Drainage Assessment

Start date:

January 2017

Completion date:

June 2017


Burscough Parish Council

Project type:

Public Sector

Scheme Summary:

Due to the Boxing Day Floods 2016 in Burscough, the parish council needed to understand the contributing factors to why these levels of flooding were realised, to aid and support in mitigating these in the future. To supporting this review, SCP were appointed by Burscough Parish Council to review Burscough Town catchment areas, and the existing surface water drainage provision within them.

SCP’s Role:

SCP supported Burscough Parish Council to assess the existing surface water drainage network to understand how it operates on a daily basis.

To understand the existing drainage network, which consists of a combined piped and ditch network, service plans were obtained from United Utilities to confirm the location of their surface water assets contributing to the catchments areas being assessed. In addition to this, a site walkover was carried out to walk the route of the ditch/drainage runs that were considered as part of the assessment. The walkover enabled site specific information to be obtained, which included the location of manholes, ditches, their cross-sectional size/profile, and approximate base level of the ditch from ground level, which was all crucial information, to enable the drainage model to be constructed.

In the development of the model, LIDAR data was collated, to form the base data for the model, enabling the invert levels and profiles of the ditch runs to be model. The ditches are connected by the United Utilities surface water sewer, for which the service plans provided this information.

Through delivery of the drainage model, this enabled an assessment to be delivered, to understand the areas and specific locations of where the model was reporting flooding, and then enabled this to be considered against the local knowledge to confirm that the 2 aligned.

Upon completion of the drainage model, a Drainage Assessment report was written, detailing the process that has been carried out to deliver the assessment, as well as the findings of the assessment works.


SCP delivered a successful assessment of the drainage issues that were being realised on the ground, through delivery of a robust assessment process, from which the results aligned and confirmed the local knowledge that had been experienced in the Boxing Day floods.

Through delivery of SCP’s assessment of the drainage, it has enabled the Parish Council to understand areas of the existing drainage network where through delivery of future drainage works, could mitigate and managed the flooding issues previously experienced. This will enable a reduction in flooded properties, whilst also supporting applications for future applications for funding to support these works.